Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Louise Harris at CHC's Conference

Louise Harris - specialist in storytelling and video making - briefly introduces herself and looks forward to the Board Member Conference. Louise will be running sessions on how you can tell a story about your housing association using the powerful tool of video. Delegates at the conference are invited to bring ideas and any props (especially photos). Louise and helpers will be on hand to help shape this information into short video clips which can be posted on You Tube and linked to this blog and other sites. The power of story telling is coming back.



Anonymous said...

The UTUBE link above doesn't work, it comes up as an error on page!!!

Steve said...

I hope this blogspot proves useful to Board Members - writing as a new Shadow Board Member I know I have a lot to learn.
I hope the experience of others shared via these pages can help me and others.

Ceri said...

Hi Steve

Thanks for your comment - much appreciated! See you at the conference!