Friday, 29 February 2008

Boards need to convince a wider public of their role

Consultant Paul Griffiths gave a presentation about his research into the core issues of governance in housing associations, and in my interview with him stressed that Boards needed not only to be governing well - but to be seen to be doing so.

Boards needed to be convincing people outside their organisations that they were providing strategic direction, challenging performance, and ensuring appropriate partnerships.
The research on Board performance was broadly encouraging, but greater effort was needed to demonstrate transparency. Social media might be a help in this, as well as in internal communication and helping Boards learn from each other.

Spreading the conference conversation

Over the past couple of hours I've been spreading the word about the conference online - through emails, on my own blog, and using Twitter (which is a sort of group instant messaging).
That has led to people coming in with comments on the original post where Sioned asked for advice about social media. It also led to a fresh blog post from Beth Kanter, who is one of the best know bloggers about nonprofit use of social media in, well, the world. Try Googling Beth and see what you get. You'll find her blog is the top hit.

How did that happen so easily? Well, I know Beth, and as you'll see here was co-presenting a workshop with her yesterday even though she was in Boston. She explained there how she has raised several hundred thousand dollars online, as a volunteer, for charities. That's the power of social networking.

Getting to know each other - speedily

One of the aims of the conference was to help Board members of traditional housing organisations to get to know those from the new stock transfer organisations. What better way than speed dating? Steve Cranston explains.

Chief executive introduces the conference

CHC Chief executive Nick Bennett introduced the conference, and his slides are below. I asked Nick for a brief summary of his main points.

Here's Nick's presentation

Sioned asks for ideas on social media

We are just starting the conference, and I asked development manager Sioned Hughes what discussion she hoped would start around the use of blogs and other social media - and how new forms of communication might help Board members. One of the big challenges in Wales is the time it can take people to get to meetings because of the geography.
We hope to get some ideas during the conference for using social media - from those here in Cwmbran, and anyone else looking in to this blog

Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Louise Harris at CHC's Conference

Louise Harris - specialist in storytelling and video making - briefly introduces herself and looks forward to the Board Member Conference. Louise will be running sessions on how you can tell a story about your housing association using the powerful tool of video. Delegates at the conference are invited to bring ideas and any props (especially photos). Louise and helpers will be on hand to help shape this information into short video clips which can be posted on You Tube and linked to this blog and other sites. The power of story telling is coming back.

Friday, 1 February 2008

David Wilcox at CHC's Governance Conference

The CHC team met David Wilcox last week – he is supporting the work the organisation is doing to strengthen its Board member networks – in particular embracing new online networking opportunities.

The annual conference for Board Members and Chairs of Housing Associations in Wales takes place 29 Feb/1 March. This will be an opportunity for conference delegates to network, learn and get re-energised. This year CHC will be supporting the development of an online network to enable board members to say in touch, share best practice and get answers to tough questions during and after the conference.

CHC will be contacting associations and board members across Wales to get examples of their organisations work that they are most proud about. These samples will be posted on the blog to encourage more to do the same. At the conference David and CHC staff will be providing practical help to delegates to take a look at the blog get familiar with the basic tools needed to take part, create content and post it there and then - and provide ongoing support to keep the network going.